Rare Bird Show

Photos from the 2010 Philadelphia Improv Festival
Nov. 4, 2010

The suggestion is "Jambalaya."

"Gusto," the lethargic and inaptly named cook.

Frederick Douglas and Mikey ...and a tree named Mikey, too.

"I think I'd make a really good waitress..."
"Sit Up Straight!"

"It was a warm spring day..."

A Hatfield and a McCoy fall in love.

A drunk Family Feud

"Tell me again about it. Tell me the story."

"Do you think our son might be getting into musical theater?"
Then a little boy sings a fairly raunchy song about what he likes.

♪♫"Some kind of pet has died"♬♪

A young Frederick Douglas and Anne Bancroft on a horse in a sensual narration.

The Plantation Madame obtains a brazier from the Coopersmith.

The invention of finger-lickin'-goodness.