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Philadelphia Improv Festival

Philadelphia Weekly, November 6, 2007

Philadelphia Improv Festival
Thurs., Nov. 8-Sat., Nov. 10, 10am. $10-50. Mum Puppettheatre, 115 Arch St. 215.925.8686. www.phif.org

If Drew Carey ever did anything to redeem his existence, it was hosting, like, eight seasons of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which introduced folks other than Christopher Guest fans to the fertile lunacy known as improv. Sure you may think improv is for spazz-attacks in pleated khakis, and okay, maybe it is, but maybe those Adderall-hopped quick wits are onto something. Maybe, just maybe, improv's got something to lord over scripted humor, which can feel as tired as nu-rave newb after his first Making Time. At least, that's what the third annual Philadelphia Improv Festival is hoping. The Fest hosts three nights of charmingly schizophrenic improv by groups from across the country, including a few Philly staples, such as the N Crowd and Rare Bird Show. The Fest also includes two days of workshops that promise to hone participants' studiously spontaneous techniques, including those ever-important mime skills. (Caralyn Green)