Rare Bird Show

5 Questions with Matt Holmes of improv group, the Rare Bird Show
Metro, May 7, 2009
Monica Weymouth

Philly Improv Theater has quite the busy weekend lined up. In addition to self-proclaimed psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Levy stopping by, there are cagematch competitions, shows inspired by cubicle life, and both long- and short-form antics. We caught up with Rare Bird Show's Matt Holmes, who is performing tonight with his fearless side project, m@& (pronounced "Matt and").

The phrase "rare birds" is already used by two Philly bands. What's your claim to it?
Luckily, ours is slightly different - it's Rare Bird Show - and we're the only Rare Birds in improv.

Do you ever reject an audience suggestion?
If it's crude or dirty or too funny on its own - sometimes you can't do anything with these.

A random audience member stars with you in m@&. Anyone can do this?
Well, we'll see. Hopefully it'll be a challenge that provides a good product.

Are comedians fierce enough to cagematch?
Angry People Building Things are eight-time returning champs. They put on a great show and are really funny, not just angry.

Anyone you're afraid to get in the cage with?
There are a lot of great groups in Philly now, but that's good - it keeps you wanting to be better and on top of the heap.

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