Rare Bird Show

Illegal Refill and Rare Bird Show team up at Studio 34
- The Clog - CityPaper Staff Blog
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's be honest: Nothing is more painful than bad improv (except perhaps amateur punk rock and unfunny stand-up). So why risk it? Because nothing - really, nothing - is better than good improv. When a handful of people on a bare stage create a whole half hour of entertainment full of strange characters, unexpected plot twists and laugh-out-loud zingers - all based off of a single word - it's really an amazing thing to behold.

Not a gambler? No problem. To see some good improv - the kind that will leave you cheering instead of squirming - head out to Illegal Refill's new monthly show at Studio 34 (4522 Baltimore Ave., 215-387-3434). Their brainy long-form is always full of memorable characters and "no way!" moments. Each month they're performing along with another group, and tonight's line-up could not be beat: They are sharing the bill with local improvi-stars Rare Bird Show (practically a Philly institution at this point).

So BYO (like magic, everything will be funnier!), but don't get so drunk that you think "gynecologist" is a funny and original audience suggestion. Pro tip: It's not.