Rare Bird Show

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September, 2009

Rare Bird Show
One word is everything for this long-form improv trio. The premise is simple: Audience members arrive and yell out random words, one of which inspires the entire 30-minute act. This year, the comedians are adding two hourlong shows to their repertoire - either they'll split the hour into two shows, allowing the audience to inspire them twice, or enter unprecedented territory and riff off a single word for 60 minutes. That's next-level.
   - Chris Monigle

Reader Comments:

"It's really hard to not urinate on yourself when you laugh that hard."
Adam Scheiner - September 5th, 7:09 pm

"Seven thumbs up."
Phil - September 8th, 2:09 pm

"Hilarious. Rare Bird Show is just great."
Stephanie - September 11th, 9:09 am

"When what would be a monsterously awesome show for another group becomes pedestrian for them, you know you're watching something damn special."
Matt Nelson - September 11th, 10:09 am