Rare Bird Show

Twin Cities Improv Festival's Most Fabulous Fabricators
- The Onion's AV Club Twin Cities
By Kevin Whaley
June 23, 2010

This week, more than two dozen comedy troupes from all over the U.S. will take the tiny stage at Brave New Workshop to show off their chops at the Twin Cities Improv Festival. With both local and national groups performing, attendees will get to see how our homegrown talent stacks up against all them big-city out-of-towners. Here are the CliffsNotes on some of the festival's more notable participants.

Rare Bird Show / Fingergun (Thursday, 7 p.m.) Philadelphia isn't known for its thriving improv scene, but if anyone were to change that, it would be Rare Bird Show. Sharp and astute, this three-member troupe takes the audience-suggestion method and turns in on-the-fly scenes with sustained entertainment value on par with well-rehearsed sketch comedy. Let's put it this way: You'll resist the urge to play "spot the suggested word" and just enjoy the damn show.