Rare Bird Show

AV Club Philadelphia

AV Club Philadelphia's Picks for Best of Comedy Month

By Alex Marcus
October 7, 2011

Rare Bird Show + Drum Machine, BWP, Hello Laser
Saturday, Oct. 8, 10 p.m.

It'd already be enough of a crime to miss the reunion of Rare Bird Show, arguably the best improv group Philly has ever produced. The trio specializes in making the mundane ridiculous, turning out fast and furious scenes with a deft seamlessness.

But when Rare Bird Show is double-billed with Jill Bernard's Drum Machine, skipping out is nothing short of sacrilege. Bernard improvises a one-woman musical on a stage shared only with her show's namesake, weaving disparate characters and storylines into a miraculously cohesive whole. At times, it's just hacky and absurd enough to work; at others, it's utterly inspired, a reminder of the limitlessness that makes improv so appealing.

Also on the bill are BWP, an improvised conversation between two South Philly yentes; and Hello Laser, a dependable outfit within the New York indie scene.