improv comedy with an audience member

Matt& Improv Comedy Fringe Festival Review

September 15, 2013
by Bryan Bierman

It's sort of pointless to review Matt&, since its premise makes it so no two shows are remotely similar. Philly improv comedian Matt Holmes picks someone from out of the crowd to improv an entire show with him. Every show is a new person.

The performance I attended was pretty great. Our impromptu cast member was a regular joe with a distinct Philly accent who chewed gum the entire show. And he was very good. Holmes is a great driving force to the show, setting up jokes and super quick on his feet.

His partner's character, as fleshed out over the course of the 40‑minute show, was a closeted gay, slightly racist heroin smuggler who was addicted to lollipops. (Holmes is also great at helping to create characters without you even noticing.) One of his lines - "Don't blame the lollipops for our sexual problems" - almost had me in tears.

The quality of 'Matt&' surely fluctuates between sets, but will always be an interesting ride, at least.