improv comedy with an audience member

Comedian Profile: Matt Holmes | June 7, 2010

Why Improv?
It might sound corny, but I really think I was born to do improv ...or that improv was invented for people like me. If you're weird, creative, artsy, inventive, clever, funny, shy and/or outgoing, improv is for you.

You get to do anything and play. It's not like other things, even creative things, where you have to study and try and practice. If you're the right kind of person, you're a natural.

You get to be the writer and director and star and editor and special effects guy and stuntman and anything can happen. You can be the leading man and the comic relief and the villain, sometimes all at once.

I stumbled into improv. I was a weird, loud, outgoing baby and quickly turned into a shy, awkward kid. Improv took me out of my shell. Without it, I'd be a complete dick or a complete recluse (both of which people might argue I am now).