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Improv Comedy Starring You - M@& Performs at the Shubin

June 18, 2010

Get down to the Shubin Theater on July 1st for an unique improv experience! The Philly Improv Theater presents the awesome show M@& (pronounced Matt And), starring local improv superstar Matt Holmes.

Improvised theater, by its nature, is a very collaborative art form. The performers rely on each other and support each other to create a real, emotional, and most times hilarious set of scenes.

But what happens when one of the performers not only has no acting background but also has never even seen an improv show before? That is the question M@& asks and convincingly answers in an exciting half hour comedy show!

In M@&, performer Matt Holmes pulls a complete stranger on stage, elicits a suggestion from the crowd, and then creates a completely improvised show with someone who has no idea what they are doing.

M@& is a former 3-time champion of PHIT's Cagematch improv competition and also has performed at the Oberlin Improv Conference, Atlanta's Basement Theater and Relapse Theater, Penn State's RAWR Improv Festival, and The Philly Fringe Festival.

The show is a great example of fearless performing and making your fellow performer look like a genius. The risk and anticipation generated from this improvised show will have you on the very edges of your seats until you finally fall off in a fit of laughter!

Matt& Craig improv comedy in the Baltimore Improv Festival Matt& Honeih, improv comedy at the Del Close Marathon

It takes a special kind of improviser to attempt a show like this and Matt Holmes certainly fits the bill. Matt brings 12 years of experience to the stage.

In 2003, he co-founded the group Rare Bird Show, a local and national improv juggernaut that has performed at The Philly Improv Festival, the Chicago Improv Festival at Second City, and The Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City (in fact, they'll be there again this year!).

Matt is also a respected and sought-after teacher within the Philly Improv Theater's education program. Matt is one of the funniest and most courageous improvisers in this city and everyone should jump at the opportunity to see him perform!

M@& can be seen at The Shubin Theater on Thursday, July 1st at 8pm. The Shubin is located 407 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Tickets for this show are fantastically priced at just $10 and are available at the door or through PHIT's website.

This show is presented by the Philly Improv Theater, Philadelphia's best destination for long-form improv, sketch, and alternative comedy. Get out to see this show and you may end up being a star for the night!