Rare Bird Show

Want to learn improv? Take a class or workshop with us. We cover every side of improv and a wide range of improv formats, from shortform games like on "Whose Line" to longforms like "The Harold." Become more comfortable on stage, free your mind, and make your first instinct brilliant, all while supporting your fellow performers and making something out of nothing.

We teach improv through the Philly Improv Theater.

We can also be booked to run workshops or coach new groups or projects.
Contact us at contact@rarebirdshow.com if you have any questions or want more information.


"a terrific instructor. She's animated, smart, and funny, but most importantly, she knows a ton about improv and always gives insightful feedback."    "He really makes you want to become more open in your improv, and gives great direction."
"I took a workshop with y'all. It was sweet.
I learned the best game ever, CR, which i taught to all my friends and now we have t-shirts.
well, not really, but it was still fun."
   "Intimate and focused, well-organized, fun, relaxed... I learned about short and longform improv, finding the game, to become more comforatble even when you don't know what to say. I miss the class and I wish I was still taking it."
-Ariella Blejer
"Somehow he was able to make it simple enough for beginnners to grasp the concepts and move forward quickly, but also challenging enough for more experienced improvisers so they didn't get bored."
-Matt Nelson
   "You crammed an eight-credit course into four hours."

"I loved the way the workshop progressed from three-liners to mini scenes- it was so satisfying!
I loved the equal support you showed to every member of the workshop.
I loved the support the members showed to each other. I would love to take another workshop!"
-Mimi Chapra