Rare Bird Show


AV Club Philadelphia     AV Club Philadelphia's Picks for Best of Comedy Month

"arguably the best improv group Philly has ever produced"

"don't-miss highlights of [the Philadelphia Improv Festival] include... Philly's homegrown "enfants terrible," the Rare Bird Show ...considered cultural institutions among comedians in this area."
- Philadelphia Inquirer Weekend Magazine, October 7, 2011

Sharp and astute... on-the-fly scenes with sustained entertainment value on par with well-rehearsed sketch comedy
- The Onion's AV Club Twin Cities

Comedians to "RAWR" at improv festival
Penn State Improv Festival preview - The Daily Collegian
"They do basic things, but they're masters at it"

The New Movement Theatre interviews Alexis Simpson

Rep Radio Podcast Interview

Best Bets - Philadelphia Improv Festival
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

City Paper     "Best of the Fest"
"Seven thumbs up" ... "Hilarious. Rare Bird Show is just great."

"Top Shelf Improv from the City of Brotherly Love" - The Apiary

The Comedians - America's Comedy Magazine    

Rare Bird Show Profile - The Comedians Magazine
"one of the most prolific troupes in Philadelphia"
"very likable and their chemistry is obvious"

Wanna Laugh? - Phillyist

Illegal Refill and Rare Bird Show team up at Studio 34 - The Clog: CityPaper Staff Blog
We're called "practically a Philly institution."

An interview with
ComicvsAudience.com (mp3)
          5 Questions with Matt Holmes
- PhillyImprov.com
          5 Questions with Matt Holmes
- Metro

Improv Festival Preview
"Creatively Speaking," WRTI
        Philadelphia Improv Festival Preview
Philadelphia Inquirer

We're dubbed Philly improv's current "enfant terrible."
        "Weekend Full of Laughs"

Philadelphia Magazine
"Live Arts and Fringe Festival Preview"
Philadelphia Magazine
       Live Arts and Fringe Festival
Pick of the Day

Blogs at the Triangle,
Drexel's Student Newspaper
       City Paper
"Probably funniest act in Philly"
"tight and smart and funny"

Phillyist      Can't Miss This!
"...one of the funniest groups in the city."

Philly Improv Festival
preview and interview
            Philadelphia Weekly
Editor's Pick - Philly Improv Festival
          City Paper
Agenda Pick - Philly Improv Festival

Fringe Festival Picks
            Fringe Festival Picks
City Paper
            Fringe Festival Picks

7 Days
Electric City
                    Funny On The Fly
The Guide, The Times Leader

"They did their best..."
Fringe Festival Review

City Paper
Top Ten Live Arts and Fringe Picks


"...one of Philadelphia's most reliable and highly demanded"
Spotlight on Rare Bird Show - Phillyimprov.com interview

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

City Paper
Philadelphia Improv Festival

Philadephia Weekly

"The results are riotous"
SuggestorKillbot Fringe Festival Review
City Paper
         "Philly's suddenly hot improv scene
comes together for a citywide festival."

Philadelphia Weekly

"...an immense crowd-pleaser"
Cabrini College's The Loquitur
          "Local Talent spotlight
on Alexis Simpson"

Penn Current
             Philadelphia Weekly Editor's Pick   "Editor's Pick"
Philadelphia Weekly

Buzz from PT Scarborough
"Rare Bird Show is one of a kind!"

Buzz from Geoff
"RBS is so good, they should have their own tv show!"

Buzz from Billy Riddle
"You guys and girl were halarious. I really enjoyed the show."

Check out more audience comments at www.myspace.com/rarebirdshow
and www.facebook.com/rarebirdshow

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