improv comedy with an audience member

Matt& is an improv comedy show starring Matt Holmes and an audience member.

Nothing is planned; it's all made up as you're watching it, based on something yelled out by the crowd. Every performance is different. One member of the audience winds up on stage and in the show.

Since 2008, Matt& has appeared at Philly Improv Theater, was returning champion at the Cagematch improv competition, appeared in the Philly Fringe Festival, and toured to perform in Utah, in Minneapolis at Brave New Workshop, and in Atlanta at Basement Theatre and Relapse Theatre.

Matt& has appeared at:

Matt Holmes has been improvising since 1998, is originally from Mountain Top, PA (the Poconos), and:

Matt has taught improv classes and coached improv groups in Philly, led workshops at national improv festivals and with businesses, and worked with improv groups and clubs from:

Matt performs a full improv comedy set with a complete stranger from the audience in Matt&.