Rare Bird Show

Rare Bird Show and its individual members are available for coaching and workshops.
We'll evaluate your needs and tailor to you. This is the perfect thing for beginning groups, side projects, college improv groups, or high school improv clubs, or even sketch groups looking to use improvisation to develop material.

Contact us at contact@rarebirdshow.com if you have any questions or want more information.
We have experience in short-form, long-form, sketch comedy,
improvised tragedy, numerous improv structures, puppeteering, mime, and more.

We can do personalized workshops where you let us know some issues you've been dealing with, what is working and what isn't, and we put together a workshop designed especially for you. We can offer preformatted workshops that we've taught before on such topics as status, finding the game, character development, and the Harold. We can also offer longer-range coaching, where we work with you over many sessions to guide your devlopment. It's all about working closely with you to develop the best educational session. Fees are negotiable based on your situation.


"The Rare Bird Show improvisors bring a lot of passion and insight into their teaching, which makes for a very fun, challenging, and rewarding experience. We love their energy and creativity - they're a ton of fun
to work with."
- Baltimore Improv Group
   "Matt Holmes is a great coach and had a great impact on our group. His philosophy on patterns and game in particular has greatly informed the way we now think and talk about our scenework and has had a great influence on how we view the work that we do."
- Haverford College's Lighted Fools
"Hire Matt Holmes! He's one of the top improv coaches in Philadelphia, and he deserves the reputation."
- Industrial Improv
   "They came and worked with almost 70 students from across our district for a day of workshops. I was impressed with the depth of their knowledge, as well as their willingness to be flexible. The day was a complete success. I look forward to working with them again!"
-Dave Toia -Lansdale High School Improv